Advancements in the Prediction and Control of Batch High Shear Granulation and Continuous Twin Screw Granulation

Application of Multivariate Latent Variable Methods to Drug Product Development

Impact of API Properties and Excipient Source on the Process and Performance of a Typical High Shear Wet Granulation Formulation

Pharmaceutical Processes Selection from Shear Cell Analysis and Compaction Simulation

Detailed Simulation of Particle and Liquid Distribution in the Mixing Zone of a Twin-Screw Granulator

A Case Study in Tuning API Powder Properties Via Crystallization to Meet Formulation Needs

An Investigation of Mixing Performance of a Continuous Powder Mixing Process

Comparison of Continuous High Shear Granulation Processes with Twin-Screw Wet Granulation Process

Experimental Investigation Linking Granulation Performance with Residence Time and Granulation Liquid Distributions in Twin-Screw Granulation

A DEM Model of Roller Compaction Including Powder Feeding

Investigation of a Suitable Lubricant for Increasing Slip in a Continuous, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Dry Granulation Process

The Development of a Suitable Screw Configuration for the Use in a Continuous, Co-Rotating Twin Screw Dry Granulation Process

Scale-up of Agitated Drying: Using Agitator Motor Power Draw to Control Changes in Powder Properties

Rational Scale-up of Hot Melt Extruders: 1D Predictive Modeling Based on 3D Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Primary Nucleation Under High Shear Conditions

Prediction of Lubrication-Based Tensile Strength Reduction Using a Compartment Modeling Approach

FEM Simulations on Tablet Impact

Effect of Seed Type on the Resistance of API Agglomerates to Agitated Drying