High-Throughput Polymer Screening for Oral Drug Delivery: From Discovery to Design

Evaluation of Static or Dynamic Curing Process for Improved Controlled Release, Dry Powder Coatings of Ethylcellulose Using a Rotor Coater

Characterizing and Understanding Protein Stability at High Concentration

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High Throughput Synthesis of Nanovaccine Formulations

A Drug-Sparing Approach to the Preparation of Drug Nanosuspensions: High-Intensity Vibratory Milling

Enhanced Spray Drying Throughput with High Productivity Hypromellose Acetate Succinate

Measuring Blend Hydrophobicity By Single Droplet Penetration Technique

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Production of Amorphous Nano-Solid Dispersions Using a Solvent Controlled Precipitation Process ? Benchmarking with the Spray Drying Process

Particle Engineering of Cocrystals Using a Solvent-Free Approach By Spray Congealing

Improving Dissolution Kinetics of Pharmaceuticals By Fluidized Bed Impregnation

Development of Retinoid ST1926 Nanoparticle Formulation Via Flash Nanoprecipitation

Investigation of the Formation of Nanoscale 2CL-20 ? HMX Cocrystal

Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles

Microfluidic Spherical Crystallization and Co-Formulation of Drugs and Excipients ? Controlling Morphology and Polymorphism

Crystal Growth Inhibition of a Poorly Water-Soluble Drug Using Polymeric Additives

Stability By Design (SbD): Utilizing Material Science Principles to Predict Physical and Chemical Stability of Pharmaceutical Solids