Establishing Content Uniformity Criteria throughout 3-Stage Validation: Estimate, Confirm, and Control

Systems Based Pharmaceutics Alliance: Research Opportunities for Academics

Model Based Approach to Control Pinacol Precipitation Risk in in Telescoped Miyaura Borylation/Suzuki Cross-Coupling Process

Model-Based Risk Mitigation Strategy for Late Stage Development of a Drug Substance Manufacturing Process

Application of a Closed-Loop Analysis Approach to Achieve Process Robustness of a 25,000L Mammalian Cell Culture Process

Efficient Experiment Design and Model Generation to Assist Process Decision Making

Determination of Reaction Profiles Using Online FTIR Spectroscopy Coupled with Kinetics Model-Based Multivariate Curve Resolution

Predicting Roller Compaction Process Capability

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Optimization of a Reactive Crystallization Using a Pharmaceutical Engineering Approach

IQ Consortium Enabling Technologies for Pharma

Precompetitive Collaboration for Pharmaceutical Crystallization Processing

Allotrope Foundation: Collaborating to Deliver an Innovative Framework for Laboratory Data Based on Open Standards

GSK Design Space Verification Lab Pilot Project

The Role of Ncats, SBIR to Support Precompetitive Collaboration

Development and Scale up of a Continuous Flow Reaction for API Intermediate Manufacture

Multi-Step Continuous GMP Production of a Highly Potent Compound

Correlation of Non-Baffled, Angled and Off-Center Agitated Process Vessel Blend Times

Retreat Curve Impeller Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics

PAT Data Management for Continuous Manufacturing – the Next Generation

Efficient Optimization of Tablet Coating Operation Using Hybrid CFD-DEM Simulations

Development and Demonstration of a Suite of Tools Aimed at Process Development Intensification and Efficient Experimentation Practices

Spectroscopy Assisted Process Design for Complex Multi-Phase Organic Reactions

Simplifying Tablet Film-Coating Process-Scaleup and Transfer through Droplet-Size Measurement

Modeling of Drug Substance Manufacturing in a Multi-Purpose Plant

Characterization of Lab and Plant Reactors Using Fast Competitive Reactions and a Predictive Model

The Confined Impeller Stirred Tank (CIST): A New Mixing Device Designed to Properly Scale-Down Local Mixing Effects in Industrial Applications

A Hybrid Experimental-Computational Method to Scale-up Powder Dissolution in Viscous Solvent: An Industrial Approach

Designing for Compaction in Tablets with Spray Dried Intermediates

A Multi-Fidelity Mechanistic Modeling Framework for Wet Granulation Processes: Characterization and Technology Transfer

Data Driven Predictive Modeling of Formulation and Process Conditions of Pharmaceutical Spray Dried Intermediates

Development of a Reactive Slurry-Slurry Approach to Improve Crystallization Process Performance and Scalability

Hybrid Cell Culture Models for Efficient Process Development

Increase Cell Culture Development Value Using the Modular Automated Sampling Technology (MASTTM) Platform in an Integrated Bioprocess Lab Environment

Can R&D be Standardized? Implementation of a Recipe Framework Supporting Lab to Patient Execution and Analytics

Enabling Rapid Elemental Analysis of Highly-Automated, Parallel Screening Studies for Pharmaceutical Process Development

Molecular Modeling to Design and Control (M2DC): A First Principles Approach to Polymorph Prediction and Crystallization Unit Design