Powder Characterization and Trouble-Shooting Methods for Successful Process-Scale up

Fda’s Office of Process and Facilities: Facilitating Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Quality and Innovation

Continuous Solid-Liquid Separation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Technoeconomic Optimization for Green Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of Analgesics

Benefits of Quality By Design (QbD) for Consistent Product Quality

Implementation of Advanced Multilayer Plant-Wide Control Architecture into a Direct Compaction Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Systematic Framework for the Design and Analysis of Control Systems for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Control Strategy for Manufacturing of Dry Powder Inhalation Capsules: A Regulatory Perspective

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Continuous Processing: Application to Process Design and Material Supply

The Development of an Integrated Control Strategy for a Continuous Primary Pharmaceutical Process

Development & Application of Continuous Crystallization in an Integrated Continuous Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant

Comparison of Continuous and Discontinuous Anti-Solvent Addition for a Model Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Crystallization System: An Integrated Real-Time Process Monitoring and Modeling Approach

Process Modeling and Simulation for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of Diphenhydramine

Continuous Chromatography: Breaking the “Bottleneck” in Downstream Processing

Regulatory Science Perspective on Continuous Manufacturing

Key Considerations to Achieve Manufacture Excellence in Continuous Manufacturing Using Hot Melt Extrusion

Considerations in Choosing Between the Use of Process Data and Analytical Data to Monitor and Control Cqa’s in Continuous Drug Product Processes

Nonlinear Steady-State Data Reconciliation for a Continuous Tableting Line

A Novel Tablet Coating Technology to Support a Continuous Tableting Line

A Drop-on-Demand Manufacturing System for the Production of Amorphous Drug Products

Development of a Control Strategy for Continuous Manufacturing of Solid Dosage Forms

Investigation of Segregation Effects in a Direct Compaction Process Via Multipoint NIR Monitoring and NIR Chemical Imaging

Characterization of Tablet Core and Coating Roughness By Means of Optical Coherence Tomography

In-Line Monitoring of a Pharmaceutical Fluid-Bed and Pan Coating Process By Optical Coherence Tomography

Flowsheet Modeling for Oral Solid Drug Product Manufacturing

Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Cell Culture Process Development

Pharmaceutical Process Development Using Computer Aided-Methods and Tools

PAT for Form Monitoring during Drying